Out Now – 20th December 2013

Anchorman Hustle

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
Reviews are positive so anyone who hasn’t suffered from Ron Burgundy fatigue will likely find something to chuckle about in this follow-up to 2004’s comedy that got quoted so much it might as well have been a Monty Python film. “I love lamp”, etc.

The Harry Hill Movie
I am conflicted. I loved TV Burp back in the day only two years ago and adore pretty much anything that Julie Walters does and yet… The Harry Hill Movie? I just don’t know.

Walking with Dinosaurs 3D
Does what it says on the tin. Although you won’t actually be walking with any dinosaurs. But the dinosaurs will walk! In 3D!! What more could a guy ask for?

Moshi Monsters: The Movie
“Join Katsuma, Poppet, Mr. Snoodle, and the other Moshi Monters in an action-packed, song-filled race against time! Together they must stop evil Dr. Strangeglove and his incompetent Glump sidekick Fishlips from pulverising the recently discovered Great Moshling Egg.” WHAAAATTTT!?!?

Dhoom: 3
“Trained as a circus entertainer by his father, the adult Sahir co-stars in a circus alongside the gymnast Aaliya, though his true motive is to rob the show’s owners, whom he believes were responsible for his father’s murder.” Somebody’s got issues.

American Hustle
So having made the above image it turns out that the film is only out in the West End today and doesn’t hit the rest of the country, or indeed the rest of London, until New Year’s Day. Well… bugger. I’ve made the image now. If you happen to be near Leicester Square over Christmas why not check out this well received period spy caper/mafia drama?