Out Now – 19th February 2010

This not the biggest week for new releases, only one film looks like it might be worth seeing but I’ll let you decide. Read on for a quick run through of the weeks releases.

Crazy Heart

The little independant film that could, Crazy Heart started as a little known film about a washed up country singer and has grown into a critically applauded and generously nominated feature. At first I wrote this off as a mushy, overly sentimental film but my interest has been piqued significantly. My completely blind choice for the week.

The Last Station

A period biopic about Leo Tolstoy that has received moderately good reviews. Said to be more… energetic than your average period piece and featuring a powerful performance from Helen Mirren, if you like that sort of thing.

Solomon Kane

Big, angry, sword filled fantasy about a 16th century soldier who fights the forces of evil to redeem himself after his own soul is damned. Sure to satisfy the fantasy fan in your life.

The Lovely Bones

Peter Jackson’s nearly universally panned adaptation of a popular book about a murdered girl stuck in the in-between. My interest in this film has dropped rapidly over time and if Jackson is to believed we’ve all seen it already anyway. My pick to avoid this week, you’ll only end up disappointed.