Let Me In – Review

I feel like I’m supposed to say that the original was way better and the remake has Americanised and ruined the entire film, but it hasn’t.

Let the Right One In was a brilliant adaptation of a novel, but with Let Me In, Matt Reeves has tweaked and ultimately improved that adaptation to bring a dark, subtle horror/love story to the screen.

The only other film I have seen by Reeves was Cloverfield, which with its “found footage” style, gives no real indication of his directing style. In Let Me In he uses a lot of long slow shots to build tension and develop a slow pace which makes the moments of horror and violence all the more intense, even if we don’t actually see that much.

Chloe Moretz and Kodi Smit-McPhee are superb as the two children, outcasts gradually connecting in a seemingly innocent way but with undertones of violence and sexual curiosity. And for once Moretz doesn’t say “pussy”.

Let Me In is perhaps a bit too slow at the start, but as a whole is a chilling story which leaves you questioning whether the story is one of love or horror.

Let Me In is on general release 5th November 2010.

Casting Couch #1

Welcome to the casting couch, have a seat. Don’t mind that, just move it to one side and pretend it wasn’t there. Now what part was it you wanted? Your hair looks nice.

Emma Stone/Mia Wasikowska for Spiderman
The Spiderman reboot has been getting more and more exciting with Marc Webb and then Andrew Garfield becoming attached. Now we might get Mia Wasikowska or even better Emma Stone as the female lead. This must happen.

Chloe Moretz is Emily the Strange
I’ve never read the comic Emily the Strange but this is Chloe Moretz we’re talking about. Of course it’s exciting.

Christopher Nolan has Shortlist of Directors for Superman
Since Nolan was given the power to guide Superman back to movie glory we haven’t heard much until now. Rumour has it he has a shortlist of five directors to helm the franchise. They are Zack Snyder, Duncan Jones, Matt Reeves, Tony Scott and Jonathan Liebesman. Any of the first three please!

In other news: There may well be a new 3D version of Day of the Triffids in the works. Can’t be any worse than the BBC’s attempt, apart from Izzard’s bits that is. He was great.

Let Me In – Trailer

Yes it’s the fourth post of the day and the fourth trailer of the week but it’s a good one and I want to bump the post about Josh Hutcherson off the front page. The trailer for Let Me In makes me think I should probably see the original first in case i enjoy it too much.

It looks good and scary and Chloe Moretz is probably going to be brilliant. Apparently they missed out a major bit of the plot from the original and it’s a travesty… I couldn’t possibly comment.

Kick Ass – Review

Kick Ass is no more and no less than what you expect it will be; it is great fun, occasionally touching and filled with action. It doesn’t necessarily change the face of cinema but it certainly does not disappoint.

Matthew Vaughn easily surpasses his previous directorial efforts in Layer Cake and Stardust as he has made a film that shows a real confidence and flair. It is clear that every shot including scene transitions was carefully considered, something I’d never say about Stardust. Vaughn has also managed to create those special sequences where the entire audience is at one moment laughing and the next stunned into silence as they fear for the characters they met just an hour ago. Edgar Wright should watch his back.

I could ramble on about the whole cast; label Aaron Johnson as a “one to watch”, describe how Nicolas Cage was actually entertaining for the first time and say that the beautiful Lyndsy Fonseca is The Daughter from How I Met Your Mother. Instead I will highlight just two actors who made the film for me.

On the comedy side Clark Duke delivered a lot in his reasonably small role as one of our hero’s best friends. Duke has a style of humour that is underrated and has sadly thus far merely been a bright spot in otherwise sketchy films. This is not to say that he is the only comedic element to the film as the entire audience was laughing throughout the movie.

The real highlight, as you may have guessed from the picture at the top of this review, is Chloe Moretz. Though she has been working solidly from the age of seven it is only recently with her performance here and in (500) Days of Summer that she can got real attention. By playing Hit-Girl Moretz had done more than just swear repeatedly; she has shown a real ability as a comedic and dramatic as well as being a highly capable action hero. All this at just 13, it makes you sick.

Kick Ass is at its heart a superhero movie. It follows the origin story formula obediently even if it does so with the twist of its hero being an incompetent teen with no powers. In spite of this Kick Ass stands above its more traditional counterparts by being that much more enjoyable. This is not just down to the comedy but a testament to the flair with which the film was put together.

The best accolade I could give the film is that during Hit-Girl’s first fight I got genuine shivers down my spine. No film has had that effect on me since 2005. Kick Ass has laughs as big as any comedy combined with violence as brutal as Watchmen and a real heart at its core too.

Kick Ass is released on 31st March 2010 but has previews on the 26th, 27th and 28th. Go figure.