Wonderfalls DVD Competition


Anyone with their finger on the pulse of cult TV will remember the series Wonderfalls. The show only lasted one season and originally aired a decade ago but it is a gem and falls into that long list of shows that were cancelled long before their time. Having only aired in the UK on Sky One it has taken a long time for Wonderfalls to make it to UK DVD but the long wait is over on 28th October 2013.

If you aren’t Wonderfalls-savvy then let me fill you in. The series revolves around Jaye Tyler (Caroline Dhavernas), a recent graduate who is stuck in a dead-end job in a Niagra Falls gift shop. Her uneventful life takes on a strange new direction when inanimate objects start telling her to do things. Unsure whether she is actually receiving messages from a higher power or simply going insane Jaye soon finds that following the objects’ advice leads to unexpected, often remarkable, consequences.

The show is very funny, incredibly unique, and is much mourned by myself. While I would encourage you to buy the DVD when it is released next week we do have one copy to giveaway to a Mild Concern reader so for a chance to win simply fill out the form below:

This competition has closed!

Entrants much be at least 18 years of age and be a UK resident. The competition closes on 28th October 2013 at 5pm. One winner will be selected at random from the entries submitted and the prize will be sent to the address given in the entry.

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Devil – Review

Devil is easily the best thing Shyamalan has been involved with in years, though here he only provided the story… which he stole from Agatha Christie.

Devil is a neat little horror thriller covering just 80 minutes as five people are trapped in the lift. One of them is the devil and it moves along nicely from there. Thankfully we weren’t confined to the lift and we get to see the police and maintenance try to get into the lift with varying degrees of success.

There’s no mind blowing dialogue or action but the film is so much what you’d expect it’s hard to be disappointed, plus there’s plenty of half-recognisable faces to keep you amused. Caroline Dhavernas is so underused it’s not even funny.

Even the reveal of which character is the devil is not really a surprise. Look at the picture about and think who you would have be the devil. You got it right!