Brick Animated GIF Wall


I love Rian Johnson’s debut film Brick. It’s noir set in a high school which should never work but somehow occasionally does (hi Veronica Mars!) and was made for next to no money by a first time director yet is visually one of my favourite films of all time. Johnson offsets his low budget by putting real care in composing each shot and the film as a result looks gorgeous with a distinct noir pallet.

As a result various images from the film have stuck with me and as a form of visual therapy I have made some of them into animated GIFs. Click through and enjoy. But do prepare yourself for some large image files. Continue reading

Gordon-Levitt Has Got Work to Do

It’s always a good day when an actor you like who has been working tirelessly for years finally gets noticed and gets lots of work. After (500) Days of Summer Joseph Gordon-Levitt has finally been spotted as an actor worth investing in.

This year he will be playing a major role in the much buzzed about Inception playing a character who has fight scenes in a revolving set, I cannot wait. He has also recently been filming a comedy about cancer, taking over from James McAvoy when he dropped out to have a baby.

Just yesterday we also learned that Gordon-Levitt is negotiating roles in two action films, Premium Rush and Looper. Looper being particularly exciting as it will reunite him with Rian Johnson who wrote and directed Brick the modern noir made for next to nothing. Despite what some sites say this is not a new genre for Gordon-Levitt having starred in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and Uncertainty just last year.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a brilliant actor and the more roles he has the better. With any luck one day he’ll be all big and famous but won’t turn his back on independent cinema.