Out Now – 13th August 2012

Because when you open on a Monday you have a seven-day opening weekend…

The Bourne Legacy
Bourne is back! Or rather Bourne is back but Bourne isn’t. This time round Jeremy Renner will be taking care of the all important running and shooting while Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton try to make you forget this is a sequel without the lead from the previous three instalments.

Pixar are back with a film that isn’t in any way a sequel to the worse Pixar film yet. I’m looking at you Cars 2. In Brave Princess Merida defies her mother and an age-old custom, curses her entire family, and must use her archery skills to save the day. An American animated film about Scottish characters with actual Scots doing the voices. Kudos.

The Best is Yet to Come: 2012

As much as we are obliged to look back over the year just gone, we are obliged to look ahead at the year just beginning. It’s always exciting to look at the next twelve months and all the exciting treats that are coming to our screens. Below are my personal picks of the films worth seeing in 2012, and I’m hoping there will be many more besides, a few gems I haven’t even heard of yet. Continue reading

Brave – Trailer

After yesterday all I have energy for today is a new trailer, and a teaser trailer at that. But what a teaser it is. Pixar’s film for 2012, Brave looks gorgeous. It’s made all the better for not being Cars 2, the worst reviewed Pixar film ever.

Also, an Animated American film set in Scotland using Scottish actors? It’s the end of an era for Shrek’s faux Scottish heritage.