Out Now – 7th January 2010

You are in for a treat this weekend as at least one great film is out. In fact I wouldn’t be too surprised to see it appear in the best films of 2011 list.

127 Hours
Danny Boyle is back and this time it’s not so much personal, more a man trapped by a rock who ends up cutting his arm off. Medical advice during the amputation scene is to breathe steadily and deeply, or you might faint. Though you’ll probably be OK if you’ve seen Piranha.

It’s Kind Of A Funny Story
Winning our award for biggest disappointment at the London Film Festival and a pretty dismal review too this is one film with a very flattering trailer that will get your hopes up. A teen checks himself into a psychiatric ward and learns that life ain’t that bad. Obviously.

Season Of The Witch
Nicholas Cage continues to make an idiot of himself playing a 14th Century knight escorting a witch who could be the source of the black plague. Ugh.

The King’s Speech
From the biggest disappointment to the biggest surprise, in short we loved this film. Firth and Rush are wonderful in a film that makes the monarchy a bit more human.

Abel (limited release)
“About a peculiar young boy who, as he blurs reality and fantasy, takes over the responsibilities of a family man in his father’s absence.”

Amer (limited release)
“Bold, striking and seductive, this image-led, dialogue-light instant masterpiece appropriates the visual and aural cues of classic ‘gialli’ (Italian murder-mysteries often infused with sexual obsession and psychedelic effects) to create a unique work of art that’s both dazzling thriller and detailed meditation on an entire genre.” Blimey, and it’s only on at the ICA in London, which says everything really.