Bob Hoskins 1942 – 2014

Bob Hoskins

26th October 1942 – 29th April 2014

“Acting is the best job in the world… Look at the way they treat you when you turn up for work. They give you breakfast and a cup of tea and ask, ‘Are you all right?’ They tart up your face, you say somebody else’s words, then pick up your check and go home. And you get days off! I tell you, it really is the way to live.”

Sue Townsend 1946 – 2014

Sue Townsend

2nd April 1946 – 10th April 2014

“I’ve always loved books. I’m passionate about them. I think books are sexy. They are smooth and solid and contain delightful surprises. They smell good. They fit into a handbag and can be carried around and opened at will. They don’t change. They are what they are and nothing else. One day I want to own a lot of books and have them near to me in my house, so that I can stroll to my bookshelves and choose what I fancy. I want a harem. I shall keep my favourites by my bed.”

– Sue Townsend, Rebuilding Coventry

Philip Seymour Hoffman 1967–2014

Philip Seymour Hoffman

23rd July 1967 – 2nd February 2014

“Sometimes I’m working on a film and someone will ask me if I’m having fun. And I’m tempted to tell them the truth: No, absolutely not. Having no fun here at all. You know what’s going to be fun? When it’s done, and I’ve done a fuckin’ good job, and I know people are getting something out of that. I’ll have a lot of fun then. A ton of it.”