Get Ready for the 2012 Oscars – Animated Short Films

The Oscars are less than three weeks away, are you prepared? It’s not enough to simply go and see The Artist and The Descendants, and train yourself to say Albert Nobbs without giggling (though these are all things which need doing). To become a true Oscar bore you need to familiarise yourself with the niche categories too, not going so far as to bother with Sound Mixing/Editing, I’m not crazy.

To help you out I’ve tried to collect together all of the films nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, with trailers or clips for those unavailable to stream. Presented without critique, simply in order of brilliance/availability online.

Fair warning, watching some of these may result in tears.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore


Wild Life

A Morning Stroll (Trailer)

La Luna (Clip)

Titanic 3D – Trailer & Pics

Something odd happened to me as I watched the trailer for Titanic‘s 3D re-release: I got a bit nostalgic for a James Cameron film. The sweeping camera, the intense emotion, the inevitable sinking feeling, and a time when seeing Kate Winslet naked was a treat rather than an inevitability, all rushed back to me, 12 years after I first saw the film. Have I got James Cameron wrong? Was I too harsh when I declared him a prick?


This is a 3D re-release after all, making it more expensive, more difficult to watch and therefore plain unnecessary. In essence, modern-day prickish James Cameron has taken the good work of pre-prick Cameron and retroactively pricked it up… if that makes sense. It’s as if he looked at his back catalogue, saw something of genuine quality and couldn’t help but ruin it. It’s enough to make me shake my fist in the air and shout out in a growl, “CAMERON!”, but I haven’t done that since the last general election (political!)

The trailer is below, and is a bizarre case of a 2D trailer for the re-release of an old film made into in 3D, therefore unable to showcase any of the new draw. There are also some fresh new stills, some including a pre-prick Cameron, which are also from a film over 10 years old. To repeat a joke, you can get 280,000+ more stills by buying Titanic on DVD.


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In summary: I do quite like Titanic, just not in 3D please.

We Bought a Zoo – Trailer and Pics

In April last year we were wondering what had happened to Cameron Crowe after his latest film Elizabethtown had a less than successful release. One month later we discovered he was planning on writing and directing We Built a Zoo and now a year and a bit later it has a new name (removing the possibility of a building montage) and we have a trailer:


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Well, it certainly looks like a heart-warming family film. Nice to see a film with animals in a zoo that don’t talk, we’ll just have to guess which is the sassy one.

Now if you fancy a lingering look at Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson and some animals we’ve got you covered with some stills from the film. There’s even a few pictures of Crowe himself, proof he still exists:

London Film Festival – The Deep Blue Sea

Just as Rachel Weisz opens the London Film Festival in romantic drama 360, she is closing the festival with former play and romantic drama The Deep Blue Sea. As this is the closing film there is just one screening and it is all sold out. The play isn’t even on anywhere that I can find. Sorry guys, looks like we’ll all have to wait until it is released in November.

In the meantime those intelligent people are back to talk to you about the film. Be nice, smile and we’ll all pretend there’s a chance someone can get tickets to see it.

55th BFI LFF Closing Night Gala: The Deep Blue Sea from BFI on Vimeo.

Sleeping Beauty – Trailer

Sleeping Beauty created quite a bit of chatter at Cannes and is soon to be screening on this side of the Channel. Emily Browning fearlessly plays a young student who takes a job as a Sleeping Beauty. Elderly men pay for the opportunity to spend time with a Sleeping Beauty, doing whatever they like… apart from that. Browning’s character becomes haunted by her new job and develops a desire to know what happens to her while she in unconscious.

The film looks deeply disturbing yet oddly intriguing, similar in this sense to The Skin I Live In. Trailer and poster are below…

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Sleeping Beauty is on general release on 14th October 2011.

London Film Festival – 360

Yes, it truly has begun. We will be bugging you about the London Film Festival until you move to London and buy yourself as many tickets as your bank balance allows.

Today we have a video of people talking intelligently about the opening film 360, a film all about love in its various forms. Tickets are still available for one of the three screenings, but at the time of writing the number of tickets is down to 15 so if you’re free on 13th October at 14:45 then hurry! If you miss out don’t worry, it only has 4/10 on IMDb.

For anyone keen to filter out the trailer dissections and instead focus on all things Film Festival, we have a new button over on the right which will take you to all our coverage of this year’s (and last year’s) London Film Festival. It looks like this:

The Skin I Live In – Clips & Pics

It’s been over a month since we reviewed The Skin I Live In so it seemed appropriate to give a little reminder before it is released tomorrow. A film about a plastic surgeon, his invention of synthetic skin and the human guinea pig he holds hostage, this is precisely as good as you would expect from writer/director Pedro Almodóvar.

Below are two obscure clips and a whole host of stills and behind the scenes images. It’s as if the press kit has thrown up all over this post.


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To watch this video, you need the latest Flash-Player and active javascript in your browser.

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Hey Look, It’s Martin Freeman

After leaving work early to barricade myself at home and avoid any potential riots yesterday, I stumbled across a crew filming a scene for the second series of Sherlock. Martin Freeman (Dr. John Watson) and Mark Gatiss (Mycroft Holmes) were standing outside Speedy’s Snack Bar near Euston waiting for the shot to be set up. I left before they turned on the rain machine for fear of getting soaked and/or looted.

Here are our “exclusive” Sherlock set photos, sorry you can’t see Freeman’s face. Click the pictures to enlarge.

For some reason people seem very excited about Mycroft’s umbrella.

Your Week in Promo Materials

We’ve probably talked about this before but every time an exciting new trailer or poster is released we find ourselves in a state of panic deciding whether to bother posting it. The world of film blogging is saturated with every single poster and teaser trailer that rolls along and we don’t want to bury our valuable Harry Potter charts in a sea of weak posters.

As a result here is an incomplete run-down of recent trailers and posters. We’ve removed anything not worthy of comment. Anybody else underwhelmed by the latest Sherlock Holmes posters?

Big buzz builders so far this week were posters for The Thing and The Dark Knight Rises.

While pretty, the poster for The Dark Knight Rises reveals nothing and is as unexciting as anything related to Christopher Nolan can be, which still leaves plenty of room for excitement. The poster for The Thing is more my type of thing. It looks different to most horror films, no monochrome pictures of horrific images/small children/torture devices/all the above and gives a tantalising glimpse of the thing itself transforming from/into a human. Can’t wait for The Thing to let me down.

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