Remember – LFF Review


Zev (Christopher Plummer) wakes up in his nursing home to be told that his wife has died the week before. Every time Zev wakes up he has to be reminded of this and every other detail about where he is and why he is there. To complicate matters Zev’s routine is disrupted when his fellow resident Max (Martin Landau) gives him a letter which details a promise Zev has made; to hunt down and kill the Nazi who killed their families at Auschwitz decades ago.

Zev packs his wash bag, flees the nursing home, buys a gun and sets off on the trail on an elderly Nazi hiding somewhere in America. This revenge tail is made more difficult by Zev’s dementia which often leaves him vulnerable and relying on the letter in his pocket to tell him what he needs to do next and remind him of who he is. This is Taken meets Memento via Last of the Summer Wine.

Remember 2

I have read mixed reviews of Remember but I fall squarely in the camp of those that loved it. Zev’s mental state brings a lot of sadness to what could have been a traditional thriller; his repeated discovery that his wife is dead is heartbreaking every time. As a thriller Remember manages to be satisfyingly tense as Zev put himself in risky situations made all the riskier for his lack of cognition. Rounding off the emotional trifecta is the large amount of humour injected into the film. Humour that had the audience laughing up until Dean Norris appeared on-screen. I will say no more.

Remember is not perfect. The ending in particular may undermine your enjoyment but on the whole I think this is a smart film from writer Benjamin August. A film that takes genre conventions and gives them a delightful little turn, if not a full twist. As a showcase for the still sharp and on form Christopher Plummer Remember exceeds the most.

Funny, thrilling, and sad Remember gets my vote. But I understand if you disagree.

Remember screen again at the festival on the 18th October and tickets can be bought online.

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