Out Now – 2nd January 2015


Apologies for the extended hiatus throughout December. I promise we will be back with more vigour in 2015. Happy New Year and all that.

Big Eyes
Tim Burton directs a film not featuring Helena Bonham Carter and yet we were all surprised when they announced their split. How much more obvious could they make it?

Exodus: Gods and Kings
In ancient Egypt when everyone was white, Moses freed the slaves with either the help of God or a series of secular coincidences. Ridley Scott continues to disappoint.

Olympian Louis Zamperini’s life story as told by Angelina Jolie and the Coens.

I am no great fan of the original Annie but I can’t see how adding Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz is going to improve it any.

The Theory of Everything
Bright young things Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones* bring to life the romance and drama of Stephen Hawking’s troubled first marriage to a devout Christian.

The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death
Daniel Radcliffe has departed this budding franchise and the reviews are much less favourable than for the previous film. BOO!

I am incredibly excited to finally get my eyeballs set on this surreal meta masterpiece otherwise known as the best film of 2015 so far. To clarify; I haven’t seen it but am raising my expectations to a level the film can never possibly meet.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays a man who spots his double in a film and seeks out the man who shares his face in this wonderfully tense and surreal drama. While Ayoade’s The Double was a frenetic Gilliam-esque triumph Enemy is much more grounded and all the more affecting for it.

Dying of the Light
Liam Neeson must have been busy as Nicolas Cage plays a CIA agent suffering from a fatal disease who goes rogue to track down a terrorist.

*Note how grown up I am being by not using a picture of Jones or using any exclamation marks after her name.

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