Somerset House – Film Poster Exhibition

Somerset House - Film Poster Exhibition

As mentioned previously Film4’s Summer Screen at Somerset House starts tonight with the UK premiere of Two Days, One Night and finishes on the 20th of August. Running alongside the films themselves is the Behind the Screen strand and an exhibition of original film posters.

I popped down on a needlessly hot evening last week to preview the poster exhibition and sweat profusely at PR individuals.

For each film in the Somerset House line-up Print Club London have commissioned a designer to create an original poster. Each poster, as well as being on display at the free exhibition, has been screen-printed by hand and is for sale in limited numbers on site and at the Print Club London website for £45. I’m told that this is good value and considering the fact that the E.T. prints have sold out other people seem to agree,

Each designer has taken a different approach with their design, some utilising iconic scenes or stills from the film and others going completely off-piste to create something unique. Obviously preferences will be defined by the films you know and love but for what it’s worth my favourites were The Royal Tenenbaums by Concepción Studios, Spring Breakers by Hattie Stewart, and E.T. the Extra-terrestrial by Rose Blake. You can see each of these, along with some more examples, below.

Is the exhibition worth your time? Considering it is free then the answer is definitely a yes. Sadly the gallery is only open to non-ticket holders from 10am until 6pm so popping in after work is sadly out of the question. If you are walking nearby at the weekend or are going to see a film at Somerset House then I definitely recommend having a gander at the work on show. If posters at £45 seems a little steep some of the prints are available as postcards for £2 which is a more wallet-friendly amount.

The exhibition is free (did I mention that?) and runs at the West Wing Galleries at Somerset House until 25th August 2014.

Click on a thumbnail to launch gallery:

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