Wish I Was Here – UK Trailer

Wish I Was Here

Presented to you with a healthy dose of morbid curiosity and trepidation we have the UK trailer for Zach Braff’s upcoming second feature Wish I Was Here. It is a decade since his first film Garden State made hipsters worldwide, myself included, experience emotions and want to be rescued by an epileptic Natalie Portman.

Over time Garden State has lost its title as the greatest film of all time but does remain an indie touchstone for the twenty-first century and I won’t be getting rid of my DVD any time soon. I have a sentimental attachment to the first film I saw that wasn’t wholly mainstream. Ten years, and a controversial Kickstarter campaign, later and Braff appears to be on familiar territory.

While the protagonist may be appropriately older than before there is still a mid-life crisis, parental woes, and total uniqueness to be dealt with while The Shins play on perpetually in the sweet but angsty universe indicative of Zach Braff.

Will the film be any good? Was it right for Zach Braff to use Kickstarter to fund it? Will they invite me to a press screening to help me decide? The trailer below can only begin to answer some of these questions but there’s a version of me down inside, roughly ten years younger, who is very excited about Wish I Was Here and wants it to be good. Four stars at least please.

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