Out Now – 20th June 2014

The Fault in our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars
Based on a book I read in a day, no mean feat if you’ve ever watched me try to focus on reading in this internet age, and on a screenplay by the (500) Days of Summer scribes we have a film about two teens who fall in love at a cancer support group. Dismiss it if you wish but I know I will see it and that the person sitting next to me will be weeping like a loon.

3 Days to Kill
“A dying CIA agent trying to reconnect with his estranged daughter is offered an experimental drug that could save his life in exchange for one last assignment.” So rather than kill-or-be-killed it is kill-or-die-of-natural-causes? I’m not sure how well that stands up morally to be honest.

Chinese Puzzle
The third film in Cédric Klapisch’s international comedy trilogy that I didn’t know was a thing follows the gang to New York with Romain Duris’ Xavier as its focus. I saw the film and enjoyed it, regardless of whether or not I knew what I was watching.

Bright Days Ahead
Retired dentist has an affair with her younger computer lecturer and former patient. This is a French romantic drama so expect a healthy dose of sex and… cheese(?).

Camille Claudel 1915
Sticking with France, and joined by Juliette Binoche who was last seen sprinting in and out of Godzilla, we spend the film with a sculptor who has been sent to an asylum and is left with the task of convincing her doctors that she is completely sane.

Spring in a Small Town
The BFI are just starting a MASSIVE season of Chinese films over at the BFI Southbank and further afield and we should all try to educate ourselves before it is too late. I’ll let the BFI introduce this puppy: “Regarded as the finest work from the first great era of Chinese filmmaking, Fei Mu’s quiet, piercingly poignant study of adulterous desire and guilt-ridden despair – now restored – is a remarkable rediscovery.”

Leave to Remain
“Three teenagers forced to leave their family, friends and homes behind learn to live in yet another hostile country. That country is the UK.” I love the way this synopsis has been written; with a little biting twist at the end. I can almost imagine then raising their eyebrows and staring you down to gauge your shocked reaction; “but… but… this is the UK!”

Miss Violence
Greek drama revolving around suicide, self harm, and child abuse. Eesh.

Humshakals translates to doppelgänger which translates to “double goer” which makes no real sense. Let’s stick with the German. Bollywood comedy about three men who each have two doppelgängers that share their name. It’s like Primer but without the time travel. Good luck following the plot!

Jersey Boys
Acclaimed director Clint Eastwood directs the big screen adaptation of the acclaimed Broadway and West End hit about the rise to fame of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. The resulting film? Well… all reports suggest that it a stinking mess of a musical. Enjoy!

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