Mild Concern Oscars 2014 Live Ramble

The Oscars 2014 Data

Following the fun of last year’s live ramble I’m staying up all night again to watch rich people give each other small golden statues as a reward for pretending to be other people. I am here tonight for two reasons:

1. I want to see how well my statistical predictions have fared.
2. I have the day off work tomorrow anyway to receive an IKEA delivery.

Two very important reasons I am sure you will agree…

As for those statistical predictions; the final figures are in. After last night’s Independent Spirit Awards I have all the data I need to make my predictions. Only two categories have shifted since our last look at the numbers so I won’t linger on the maths too much today. Simply put Lupita Nyong’o has edged ahead of Jennifer Lawrence in the race for Best Supporting Actress but the figures are so close either could easily win. The only other category to change is the award for best Documentary in which 20 Feet from Stardom has broken away from The Act of Killing despite the latter being a hugely deserving winner. Will my numbers be right, only time will tell.

The live ramble will start as soon as I have something to say and will finish around 4am at which point I will be making less sense than usual and my use of commas will be criminal. To view the live ramble click here and scroll down below the “Related Posts” to either join me live in a journey through insomnia or simply read through the evening in the morning.

For reference here are my FINAL Oscar predictions:

Mild Concern Oscar Predictions 2014

3 thoughts on “Mild Concern Oscars 2014 Live Ramble

  1. I am going to try and stay awake for this even though I haven’t seen a single movie. I’m basically going to sit in my bedroom and do unsubstantiated heckling.


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