Veronica Mars – UK Trailer

Veronica Mars

Finally! We have been sent the UK trailer for the Veronica Mars movie which gets a limited UK cinema release on 14th March 2014 and will be available for digital download on the same day.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Veronica Mars universe please read my previous ramblings, and that time I got statistical. For the die-hard fans I give you the trailer, enjoy:

Excuse me while I get inappropriately excited.

4 thoughts on “Veronica Mars – UK Trailer

  1. I am excited by this, but was also hoping for a trailer that would get non-fans interested. This definitely makes it look like a film for the existing fans.


    • With such a small release in the UK I imagine they aren’t expecting much beyond the fanbase turning up. Will interesting to see if it press screens as then we can see what the likes of Mark Kermode think of it.


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