Out Now – 31st January 2014

The Armstrong Lie

I, Frankenstein
An absolutely awful sounding film starring Aaron Eckhart as Frankenstein’s monster in a dystopian version of our world. As is usual in these fantasy epics there are two warring groups of supernatural nasties and the resulting film looks ridiculous.

Out of the Furnace
Casey Affleck’s gravelly voiced character goes missing and the police don’t act so his gravelly voiced brother, played by Christian Bale, takes the law into his own hands. Eavesdropping on critics who have actually seen the film I can assure you that it is getting a mixed response but Casey Affleck is, as usual, great.

That Awkward Moment
Zac Efron headlines a romantic comedy for the lads. LAAAADDS!!! Top bants!

Lone Survivor
Mark Wahlberg stars in an American war film with a trailer that was so painfully sentimental and patriotic that I can’t bring myself to seek it out and link to it. If memory serves there will be a lot of scenes where soldiers say very poignant things to each other when they should be more concerned with staying alive.

The Armstrong Lie
Absolutely fascinating documentary examining the whole Lance Armstrong dope scandal and the man himself. While Armstrong interviews are included this documentary is definitely not on his side. Read my review for more on why I liked it. Or perhaps you’d rather take a look at this clipping from an October issue of Cycling Weekly:

Cycling Weekly

(I have a copy of the magazine if you ever want to borrow it)

Journal de France
“A journal, a voyage through time. He photographs France, she rediscovers the unseen footage he has so carefully kept: his first steps behind the camera, his TV reports from around the world, snatches of their memories and of our history.” He is Raymond Depardon, she is Claudine Nougaret, and the documentary is only out in “key cities”.

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