Shorts On Tap – Measure of the Senses Review

Shorts on Tap

Last Monday night saw the first ever Shorts on Tap night take place at Juno in London. It was an evening of short films connected by the theme of the five senses. It was a fun evening during which I laughed, got confused, and tried to look as intelligent as possible when photos were being taken. Shorts films are a great way for filmmakers to both showcase and test their talents but sadly it isn’t always easy to get them out to the public which is why evening like this are so important. Important, and fun.

From the ten films that were shown it was up to myself and my two fellow judges Cass Horowitz and Evgeny Sinelnikov to pick our favourite three films. Our three winners are below and for the most part I will let them speak for themselves…

Then We Are Together – Richard J Moir

A sweet short film about lost love that is probably the only film of the night likely to produce tears, and we all know how important a metric that has become for me… for some reason.

Then We Are Together (Short Film) from Richard J Moir on Vimeo

Planet Gong – Ian Habgood

A controversial documentary in the judges deliberation. It would be fair to say that Cass had his concerns about the possible mocking nature of the film. Sadly we only have the trailer to embed:

Planet Gong Trailer from Ian Brit on Vimeo

Haze – Meiko Deren

This film in particular stood out for me on the night, mostly for being so different from the competition and for the fact that when watching it I felt like I was having a panic attack! Have a watch full-screen with your headphones on and you may get the same effect.

Haze from Meiko Deren on Vimeo.

Overall I was incredibly impressed with the quality of films on display, with amateur short films there is always the risk of being presented with utter nonsense, examples of which I have sullied YouTube with in the past.


The next event takes place in Juno on December 17th, if you’re interest get yourself over to the Facebook page.

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