Out Now – 27th September 2013

Runner Runner

Runner Runner
Justin Timberlake and B’Affleck star alongside Gemma Arterton in a film about something to do with poker. Who really knows? The only review I read was terrible so we’re better off moving on.

Blue Jasmine
Woody Allen returns to form for the umpteenth time with a drama about a troubled socialite. Cate Blanchett takes the lead role with a performance that has lots of Oscar-based whispering surrounding it.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman both stare moodily to the right in a film about… prisoners? A child has been kidnapped and people’s desperation is tested as they have to decide just how far they will go in finding where the girl is. I sense torture.

Girl Most Likely
All I can tell you about this film is that it stars Kristen Wiig alongside Darren Criss and that Rach absolutely adores Darren Criss but despite this bias only gave the film three stars. Not a good sign.

A woman goes to a Jane Austen theme park in search of her very own Mr Darcy. Flight of the Conchord’s Bret McKenzie co-stars so it might not be as agonisingly painful as it seems.

Mister John
“After discovering his wife’s infidelities, Gerry leaves London to look after his deceased brother’s business and family in Singapore. Discovering a foreign world of opportunity that had not existed before gives Gerry a chance at starting over by slipping into his brother’s life – both emotionally and physically. However, leaving his wife and child behind in the UK is not so easy as Gerry must choose between becoming his brother’s alter ego ‘Mister John’ or returning to London to face his failing relationship.” Eh?

Hannah Arendt
“A look at the life of philosopher and political theorist Hannah Arendt, who reported for The New Yorker on the war crimes trial of the Nazi Adolf Eichmann.” Because a drunk Tim can’t process all these serious films.

In the Name Of
IMDb doesn’t even have a synopsis for this film. I despair. I honestly do.

Greedy Lying Bastards
With a title like this one this documentary about climate change promises to be totally and utterly objective and unbiased. Totally.

Smash & Grab: The Story of the Pink Panthers
A documentary about a network of international jewel thieves. I read an article about these guys in The Observer. I get the Observer. The cryptic crossword is superb.

Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman
Surely a case of the title telling you all you need to know to decide whether you want to see a film. A review is forthcoming from me so watch this space.

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