Out Now – 20th September 2013


Ryan Reynolds is a dead cop who is recruited by a force of undead officers to team up with fellow corpse Jeff Bridges and hunt down trapped spirits. A buddy cop comedy about a supernatural police force has the scent of Men in Black about it and the generally awful reviews have the scent of poo about them.

A film about the final years of the life of Princess Diana never seemed like an easy film to make but the resulting film sounds like the worst of all possible outcomes. Rather than being particularly offensive, opinionated, or controversial Diana is being accused of much more serious crimes; it is dull, poorly written, and badly acted.

The Call
Halle Berry (remember her?) stars as a 911 operator who is on the phone with a teenage girl (Abigail Breslin) as she is kidnapped and is tasked with talking her through her escape. A lot of the film is likely to be Berry and Breslin chatting on the phone, I hope they’re good at small talk.

British documentary looking at the effect of the internet on modern teenagers. As someone who is from the internet, running a blog and having met friends online, I have a certain hesitation when it comes to a documentary that looks to look at all online activity through a judgemental and scornful lens.

Cold Comes the Night
Despite his meteoric success on the small screen with Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston has yet to have a film that makes the most of his talents and instead takes small roles in mediocre films. This week he co-stars in a thriller about a motel owner and his daughter who are held hostage by a criminal trying to retrieve some money.

Mademoiselle C
“A documentary focused on former Vogue Paris editor-in-chief and fashion stylist Carine Roitfeld as she moves to New York to launch her own magazine.” Sadly it does not seem nearly as entertaining and insightful as The September Issue.

A documentary about Stephen Hawking. Mathematical!

Metro Manila
Filipino crime drama about a crime drama who move from a rural community to the big city and quickly become embroiled in all manner of crime. The sort of film you need to watch if attending a classy dinner party this weekend.

Stephen Tompkinson, him from Ballykissangel, plays a rough and ready detective in 1974 who is the only hope for a community crippled by crime, poverty, power cuts and strikes.

Kelly + Victor
I saw this romantic indie drama at last year’s BFI London Film Festival and absolutely loathed it. For all I know the film is actually a very well made artistic debut feature about a destructive relationship but I was in a foul mood when I saw it so it didn’t have a chance. Subjectivity rules all film criticism. Word.

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