The Comedian – DVD Review

The Comedian DVD

The Comedian is an improvised drama with a Dogme 95-esque filming technique – the film is shot entirely in real locations without a script. The titular character is Ed, a call centre worker who dreams of being a successful stand-up comedian but is struggling to get the audiences laughing. Ed lives with Elisa with whom he shares a precarious platonic love. Their relationship becomes strained when Ed starts to date fellow comedian Nathan for whom love is distinctly not platonic.

I have already gushed about how much I loved The Comedian in my full review back in May but suffice it to say that this film had a real effect on me. Few other films have so authentically captured the sense of disorientation and disarray that living in a large city when your love life and career are uncertain can bring. Ed is not always a sympathetic character but he is by far the most relatable person I have seen onscreen this year.

This film may not be for everyone but if you are willing to sacrifice the typical three act structure then you may well find the little gem I felt I had unearthed.

Apart from a trailer and the film’s manifesto the only extra is a 30 minute short film by The Comedian director Tom Shkolnik entitled One Happy Moment. The short is similar in style to the main feature and follows two young Londoners as they meet, date, and spend their first night together. The plot is even more sparse and it didn’t connect to me in nearly the same way as The Comedian but One Happy Moment was short and sweet enough nonetheless.

The Comedian is out on DVD today and is worth a look, particularly if you are a Mild Concern fan and want to see our first citation.

If you fancy saving your pennies we still have three copies of the DVD to give away in our competition.

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