No/Gloss Film Festival

No Gloss Film Festival

It seems we are into Film Festival season as this week* our friends (we’ve exchanged emails and everything!) at the No/Gloss Film Festival in Leeds have announced the date and venue for their second celebration of independent filmmaking. This year’s festival will take place on the 19th and 20th of October and will be held in the oh so trendy looking Canada Mills.

What makes No/Gloss Film Festival a little bit exciting is their ethos of being a no frills film festival. Tickets to the festival are affordable (and available to buy online), the submission process is free for filmmakers, and the selection process aims to remove any bias towards famous personalities. While No/Gloss is running I will be at the all-frills BFI London Film Festival at which I have seen many a film that seemed to have been chosen for its cast rather than its quality. As I will be busy swanning around in Londontown we will (hopefully) be sending along our Northern correspondent to see what’s going on up there.

The festival promises:

Over 30 hours of DIY, independent films from the UK and world over, an amazing outdoor food tent, live art and spectacular visuals on display, free tortilla chips and salsa provided on ONE of the days courtesy of Bar Burrito, 5min film workshops, meet your favorite film-makers, and of course the after party – we promise it will be an unforgettable weekend!

Honestly I think I’d go anywhere with an outdoor food tent.

*OK, seven days ago. I got distracted.

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