Once the Musical – Exclusive Video


I was very excited to be invited to a social media call for the new West End musical Once on Monday. I am all to familiar with over-zealous ushers who will scold you the moment you so much as look at your camera when inside a theatre’s hallowed walls so it was a bizarre experience to be invited to the Phoenix Theatre to film and photograph the cast of Once perform three songs from the show.

Based on the hugely popular independent, and Best-Original-Song-Oscar-winning, film Once from 2007 the musical is more an intimate play with some songs than a high-kicking jazz-hand-waving musical. The show stars Zrinka Cvitešic and Declan Bennett as Girl and Guy respectively and you can watch the pair performing When Your Mind’s Made Up and Falling Slowly below. There is also a clip of the cast performing an instrumental number The North Strand which was filmed before I managed to sort the focus on my camera out. How embarrassing:

I am seeing the full show tonight so a review is on its way. Once is on at the Phoenix Theatre and tickets can be bought online.

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