Out Now – 21st December 2012

Life of Pii

Life of Pi
Glorious demonstration of visual storytelling and using 3D properly from Ang Lee as a boy finds himself stranded at see with four zoo animals including a Bengal Tiger. I bloody loved it.

Pitch Perfect
A mixture of Glee and Bridesmaids makes for a comedy about singing that is apparently quite good. Something about mash-ups… Singing… The tagline is “Get Pitch Slapped”… As I say this is apparently quite good, not sure I trust them though.

Boxing Day (limited release)
Six films are release on Boxing day this year, Boxing Day is not one of them. “Based on Master and Man by Leo Tolstoy, Boxing Day follows Ivans XTC and The Kreutzer Sonata as the third film in a loose trilogy of modern day interpretations of Tolstoy stories.” Eh?

West of Memphis (limited release)
Almost Hobbit-length documentary covering every inch of the case against the West Memphis Three who were convicted of killing young boys on little to no solid evidence. According to me: “Whatever you know already about the case West of Memphis is a gripping documentary about justice that makes the most of its two and a half hour running time and was equally uplifting, frustrating, and fascinating.”

Dabangg 2 (limited release)
A Bollywood film with a plot too confusing for me to battle through my cold to reinterpret for you. Sort yourself out.

Let’s Plan A Robbery (limited release)
According to Google translate: “In the film, played by Hakan Y?lmaz Honor, one day at the end of the trip is to deliver a box of safety. Leyla Onur boyfriend who cheated the same day the entrust all your stuff in the box, and poured petrol burns. But honor, he will learn a lot of pain what is in the box. Honors, including friends later in the vortex o ‘entrusted’ to robbery to pay back even think.”

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