HItchcock’s Silent Films Offer

Champagne Hitchcock - BFI offer

You may have noticed how much we’ve been enjoying The Genius of Hitchcock season at the BFI recently (and should at least have played with the Rebecca soundboard). And now several more of the recently restored silent films are having their premieres, complete with soundtracks played live.

To celebrate this, the BFI are offering 25% off, if you buy any two full-priced adult tickets with the code SilentHitch. Book online, by phone (020 7928 3232) or in person. So take someone with you, or set yourself up for an awesome double bill (I am not convinced this works but it’s worth a go, right?)

It should be noted that there’s also a 50% offer running in conjunction when you book online, which is obviously better, but it doesn’t cover quite as many of the films.

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