Out Now – 29th August 2012

The Watch
Let’s pretend this didn’t come out on Monday without me noticing. In The Watch, the varied comedy talents of Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, and Richard Ayoade make up a neighbourhood watch group who uncover plans for an alien invasion. It seems like an American comedy version of Attack the Block which is… interesting. Ayoade, why are you wasting time on this and not bringing us a follow-up to Submarine already?

Total Recall
Total Recall may well be a nineties sci-fi action classic but let’s face it; if you look at it really hard, and consider the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger is only a convincing actor when asked to play an emotionally void robot, it is not a good film. An enjoyable film, yes, but not a good film. So maybe a slick remake starring Colin Farrell is a good thing. He at least has the acting range to play a man who discovers his whole life is a lie while still pulling off the action sequences. Besides, I hear the three-breasted alien is back in the remake and we all know three breasts are incredibly sexy and not at all weird.

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