BFI’s The Genius of Hitchcock

As we have briefly mentioned before the BFI is currently running a very exciting series of films down on the Southbank (in London, everyone else keep moving); The Genius of Hitchcock season.

Mirroring London’s theatres celebration of Shakespeare The Genius of Hitchcock season forms part of the London 2012 Festival and aims to celebrate one of Britain’s greatest artists. The justification being that with the Olympic Park situated in Stratford the BFI have chosen to focus on one of East London’s most notable residents (Hitchcock, pay attention). Whatever the reasoning may be the result is all of Hitchcock’s works being shown on the big screen so who are we to argue?

Take a peek at the BFI website and marvel at the array of Hitchcockian delights on offer. The season runs from August to October and tickets for all three months are on sale now.

Hitchcock is a true master and this season offers the opportunity to both see personal favourite (The Birds, Vertigo, North by Northwest, Psycho, etc.), catch those classic which have so far escaped you (The 39 Steps, Rope, Dial M for Murder, etc.), and even catch some of his earlier, silent work. Alongside the screening are talks for anyone wanting to truly get their film-geek in full flow for Hitchcock.

Go! Buy tickets! Hitchcock is a genius and whichever of his films you prefer, they are showing it. What more do you want? It’s the perfect way to join in with Olympic fever without ever watching any sport.

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