Flash Gordon DVD Competition

Next Wednesday Seth MacFarlane’s first feature film, Ted opens in UK cinemas.

Ted tells the loving tale of a magical (and awfully distasteful) bear and his owner John as their everlasting friendship is challenged by John’s fiancée. Packed full of eighties references and MacFarlane’s staple crass humour, John and Ted like three things: skipping work, taking drugs and watching the cult film Flash Gordon.

Originally we were going to keep this DVD for ourselves but the power (“I have the power!” – oh wait, that’s He-Man) of such a good terrible film was too much for us. As such Mild Concern is giving away one Flash Gordon DVD because we’re just so kind to our adoring readers.

For your chance to win this amazing DVD just put your details in the form below.

The competition is open to UK residents only and closes on August 1st which is also when Ted is released nationwide. The winner will be chosen by Ming The Merciless’ facial hair and then notified by email.

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