Out Now – 13th April 2012

The Cabin in the Woods
Making the most of Friday 13th is this genre-bending film that turns the concept of the horror film on its disembodied head. One reason to get excited is that this was co-written by Joss Whedon who will always be God because he brought us Buffy (and I once got his autograph back when I was a nerd, before I become all cool and started a film blog). The only bad review I’ve heard was on Radio 4’s Front Row which I listen to like all well-adjusted 23 year olds, all others (including our own) are glowing and the film sounds like a hell of a lot of fun. Incidentally I haven’t seen it yet so consider taking me along, I’m toilet trained and have my own Pez dispenser.

Blackthorn (limited release)
Butch Cassidy has fled to Bolivia and gets into some scrapes with a young robber.

Gospel of Us (limited release)
“This project is the film version of the Passion play that was performed throughout Port Talbot in Easter 2011.” Great synopsis IMDB!

Mozart’s Sister (limited release)
The “re-imagined account” of Mozart’s older, musically gifted sister. When I want re-imagined Mozart I watch Amadeus; it’s three hours long and won eight Oscars, what’s not to love?

Delicacy (limited release)
Audrey Tautou (swoon) stars as a widow being “courted” by a co-worker.

A Night to Remember (limited release)
Re-release of 1958 film in which “the Titanic disaster is depicted in straightforward fashion without the addition of fictional subplots”. Can’t help but feel that this synopsis is having a dig at James Cameron. I approve.

Edge (limited release)
“A hotel. A cliff. Six lost people, looking for something, or looking to lose themselves.” Enigmatic. Staccato. Pretentious.

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