Safety Not Guaranteed – Trailer

As re-watching all of Battlestar Galactica has stolen all of my valuable blogging time, allow me to plug the gap with a trailer.

Safety Not Guaranteed is adapted from a wanted ad and internet sensation. You can read all about this particular meme over at but I have shamelessly stolen the ad itself and placed it below:

The film follows three journalists investigating the man behind the ad and is exciting for the following reasons:

    • Aubrey Plaza – Scott Pilgrim and Parks and Recreation actress finally gets a leading role
    • Jake M. Johnson – A harmless version of Mark Ruffalo who gets bonus points simply for sharing screen-time with Zooey Deschanel in New Girl
    • Time Travel – Whether it happens or not time travel is always a draw
    • Time Travel (again) – If they do actually manage to time travel this could well be some Heavy-Knitwear-Science-Fiction, more on that next week.

And now for the actual trailer because that’s what you want to see and I have to do some work now:

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