Wallace and Gromit – British by Government Order

I’m wading into political territory again so am going to be treading very carefully to avoid highlighting my ignorance about things like “budget”, “tax credits”, or “things that happened yesterday”.

Yesterday George Osborne (Chancellor of the Exchequer and owner of a villainous face) announced the Budget for 2012, a budget so important it starts with a capital letter. Whether this Budget is a good Budget/budget or not is for people with a better grasp on the contents of that red briefcase than me. What caught my attention was the introduction of tax credits for TV production in the UK.

Obviously anything being filmed in the UK is exciting news as there’s always the chance that I will stumble across something being filmed while ambling through London. But more interestingly is the reason Osborne cited for introducing the credit:

“It is the determined policy of this Government to keep Wallace and Gromit exactly where they are.”

Nice to know that our plasticine pals won’t be bailing from Bristol and that the Government is keeping a close eye on the duo. Clearly Osborne backed it up with other reasons, which you can read over at the BBC, but the fact remains clear; the MPs bloody love a bit of Aardman Animation and can’t wait to see what Wallace and Gromit get up to next. Bless.

Can’t wait for the Government to order an enquiry called “Whatever Happened to the Wombles?” or “Is There Room for Bagpuss in the 21st Century?”. Fingers crossed they forcibly bring back A Bit of Fry & Laurie, I miss those crazy kids.

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