Get Ready for the 2012 Oscars – Foreign Language Films

Hopefully by now you’re further along in your preparation for this year’s Oscars, there’s only two weeks to go. Assuming you’ve dutifully watched the animated short films I gathered together for you, it’s time to swat up on the Best Foreign Language Film category.

Luckily for anyone living in London, the Tricycle cinema in Kilburn is running a ten-day run of screenings covering a wide range of the films submitted for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, though sadly not all of the final five nominees. The screenings include one UK premiere, two advance preview screenings and some special guests; plenty to get excited about.

Tickets only go as high as £8.50 and can be bought online at or by phoning the Tricycle box office on
020 7328 1000. The Tricycle is a lovely cinema and only down the road from me (hence the plug), so pop in for a cup of tea while you’re in the area.

The full screening schedule is below:

Tuesday 14th February
8.30pm / Summer Games (Swiss) + Q&A with Cinematographer Lorenz Merz

Wednesday 15th February
6.15pm / Pina (Germany)

Thursday 16th February
2.30pm / Footnote (Israel)
6.30pm / Miss Bala (Mexico)
8.45pm / Beyond (Sweden)

Friday 17th February
2.30pm / Back To Your Arms (Lithuania)
6.15pm / The Silent House (Uruguay)
8.00pm / Once Upon A Time Anatolia (Turkey) ADVANCE PREVIEW SCREENING

Saturday 18th Februrary
3.30pm / Pina (Germany)
6.00pm / A Separation (Iran)
8.30pm / Morgen (Romania) + Q&A with lead actor Andras Hathaz

Sunday 19th February
2.30pm / As If I Am Not There (Ireland)
5.00pm / Footnote (Israel)
7.30pm / Tatsumi (Singapore)

Monday 20th February
6.30pm / Rumble Of Stones (Venezuela)
8.30pm / Aballay (Argentina) UK PREMIERE

Tuesday 21st February
6.30pm / Attenberg (Greece)
8.30pm / A Separation (Iran)

Wednesday 22nd February
6.00pm / Mentevideo (Serbia)
8.45pm / Beauty (South Africa)

Thursday 23rd February
2.30pm / A Separation (Iran)
6.30pm / Breathing (Austria) ADVANCE PREVIEW SCREENING
8.15pm / Back To Your Arms (Lithuania) + Q&A with director Kristijonas Vild!i!nas

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