Upside Down – Trailer

An intriguing trailer has been kicking around the internet for a new Sci-Fi romance called Upside Down starring the recently defended Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess. What makes this trailer particularly exciting is that it keeps being pulled down from around the internet, it is the forbidden fruit of the trailer world.

With a plot involving a second world directly above our own but with opposite gravity, think about it for a moment, it is almost too easy to describe the film as feeling like a cross between Inception and Another Earth. Sadly I like an easy life, so watch the trailer below and marvel at what is a cross between Inception and Another Earth.

[flashvideo file=wp-content/uploads/Upside_Down_Trailer.flv /]

Observant people will have noticed that the trailer is French, this is because there is no release date yet in any English-speaking country. For anyone like me with only a few choice French phrases (Où est mon petit-déjeuner?) I have translated the text from the trailer with help from various different translation websites, each giving slightly incoherent responses.

Imagine another world with its own gravity just above ours. The laws of the universes oppose them but nothing can separate them. Next year love will change our view on the world.

Fingers crossed someone wears a thick jumper at some point so I can lump this into the Heavy Knitwear Science Fiction category.

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