The Dark Knight Rises – Trailer Dissection

With so many people rediscovering our teaser dissection for The Dark Knight Rises, I thought it only fair to provide a dissection of the full trailer, and give people something slightly more worth their time. It is Christmas after all. And as the only comment on the previous dissection was “This isn’t much of a dissection”, I am going to take this way too far and show every single shot from the trailer regardless of interest or sanity.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet it is embedded below:

Now onto the dissection…

All seems well at the start of a “Football” match game

Until hulking Bane (Tom Hardy) ascends a shaft

Elsewhere, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) approaches a table

Then has a natter with Alfred (Michael Caine)

Ah, Gotham!

At a swanky event the eyeliner guy from Lost greets Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman)

While two men have a good old gossip

Wayne stops being creepy on the roof and enters the party

And has a pleasant dance with Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway)

Explosion! Police!

Bane continues his slow journey…

…and Kyle accessorises

Gordon neatly avoids an explosion using a wall

Some hoodlums with terrible manners throw furniture around

Amid the chaos a man is helped from beneath a sideboard

Wayne does not like what he is hearing

Bane releases various extras into the franchise

Bane arrives at the Football game, just to watch surely?

Wayne arrives in an Escher sketch and a man imitates Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith (amiright?)

Bane’s team are losing so he makes the entire pitch implode

Bane and Wayne have a (bleak) natter

Wayne is as pleased to see Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard) as we are

Someone (Wayne) jumps down in blurry fashion

Kyle in a hat!

Batman at last!

The Batmobile explodes!

Men (possibly women) descend a tower while Bane strikes a pose

John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) enters a door without any context

Bane and Batman square up

The police scavenger hunt continues

Some kind of Bat-tank?


So the tower leads to the Escher sketch?

Batwing following the Batmobile, who is driving what?

And we end with that familiar symbol.

I am exhausted, I hope you are too.

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