Cabin in the Woods – Trailer

Thanks to MGM having a minor financial collapse, The Cabin in the Woods has been waiting to be released since 2009. I’d all but abandoned hope of ever seeing it in the cinema but this past week the film has gained a release date, poster and its first trailer.

Written by Joss Whedon (of Buffy fame and Dollhouse shame) and Drew Goddard (Cloverfield), The Cabin in the Woods stars a host of attractive young things alongside acting heavyweights Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford. I sadly spoilt myself long ago with the twisty parts of the plot, suffice to say that this is Scream meets Hostel via every other horror film.

For my taste the trailer sells the film short and gives far too much away (hence the lack of a dissection) but is embedded below regardless:

Interesting to see that there is no mention of the film being released in 3D, when the 3D conversion was at one point blamed for the film’s delayed release.

The Cabin on the Woods is released on Friday 13th April 2012 and I’m excited.

3 thoughts on “Cabin in the Woods – Trailer

  1. I’m confused. The trailer wasn’t really THAT shitty…. I mean isn’t it a good thing that the movie was way fucking cooler than the trailer? How many movies have come out in the past year with a gnarly ass trailer and then the film sucks? I get it that for the sake of a review you need to include the trailer, but shit dude… Cabin in the Woods may have been the coolest movie I’ve seen in a decent amount of time, the trailer only kept expectations low which made the actual seeing of the film a thousand times better.

    Also, I was quite stoned… so that could have contributed to my enthusiasm…


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