Misfits 3×03 and 3×04 – TV Review

After not posting a review of last week’s Misfits due to my busy schedule I was going to lighten my workload and offer you a cheat review like this. Instead I’m going to be nice and review both last and this week’s incredibly epic episodes back-to-back.

First up is 3×3 and we’re finally back to Simon’s future destiny to save Alisha storyline. Perhaps the best part about this episode is that despite the ASBO Five running amok wearing superhero costumes in a previous episode this is the first time that there is a true superhero vibe throughout a story. Well, there’s always a bit of superhero backbone whenever the Simon gets to hold everyone’s attention but 3×3 saw Simon as a celebrated hero, complete with his own psychotic version of Dick Tracy (or Robin of the Batman lore). Read on after the jump. 

Whilst I fell for the Simon/Alisha love story immediately and I understand that Alisha is playing the ‘don’t get yourself killed, Tiger’ girlfriend she isn’t half annoying when it comes to Simon being a nice fellow. Not as annoying however as Iwan Rheon’s acting ability when it comes to assuring his gal that he’s doing everything for her, as it’s his destiny. He’s fantastic at everything else, yeah, but kind of laughable when it comes to the melodrama. Anyway, the episode was pretty well crafted and got me thinking more than once.

Until this episode, I’ve never doubted at all that Simon’s character will indeed go back in time to sacrifice himself (as all on-screen evidence consistently points towards that he will). Also, the show’s involvement with time travel has never breached paradox territory (someone challenge this?), but part of the sidekick-turned-villain-turned-sensei storyline of 3×3 now has me rooting for the story to go both ways. Though, it would be an awful shame for the show to go two for two in losing as many beloved characters in as many series – if that is where this series is headed, which, why wouldn’t it be?

That said, Rudy is also steadily burrowing his way into my heart in a way that Nathan never did. He’s just as imperfect and awkward but without all the OTT boisterousness. Joseph Gilgun’s suave portrayal as Rudy is quickly making me wish that he had been in the show from the beginning instead of Nathan – again, not that Nathan wasn’t awesome, but Rudy’s better.

Next to Simon’s on-going troubles and drama in this episode it seemed as if everyone was on top of deadpan form last week too as Curtis got to be intentionally funny, Kelly continued to just be… “a fucking rocket scientist” (I am purchasing this as we speak) and Shaun The Probation Worker got to work the heck out of his slimy lines once more.

3×3 wasn’t just about Simon’s ‘will he, won’t he’ relationship with following his destiny; we saw how well the group are coming to terms with their new powers and dynamic. Series three is where the characters, and the show itself, have truly hit their stride.



Now, I’m pretty sure that you and your friends have all posited the question: If you could go back and kill Hitler, would you? Other than in our imaginations, the events that would occur as a result of that question haven’t been materialized on the screen very much, but here comes Misfits once again to step up its game and enter a whole new level of awesome.

3×4, which saw just the above happen, took Misfits’ hard-working production team to narratively and visually creative new places. They displayed the theory of it all with just enough whit that the implausibility played very pleasantly. Okay, New Hitler’s base appears to have been in a crummy community centre, the English aren’t gobbing out German (who wanted to see that attempt by the entire cast? Everyone, that’s who) and Hitler won the war simply because he had a mobile phone that I’m pretty sure 1944 Germans may not have been able to reverse engineer so quickly as to win the war (phone battery-run spitfires, anyone?). But this is a TV show and it’s more than good, so I’ll play along.

This episode was more about fun and exploring what we already know about the characters and their morals rather than moving the plot forward. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t an incredible hour of television though as the writers took a hold of the old Nazi perfect race notion tightly and squeezed that lemon for the best damn lemonade you’ve ever tasted. The old get-rid-of-the-impurities; replacing Jews and all those other ‘bad people’ for folks with superpowers works far better than you may think. Actually, haven’t I seen this somewhere before? *cough* “X-Men”, I hear you cry. Yes, but X-Men was never allowed to exclaim things like, “Fuck you, Hitler!”

Ultimately, the last two weeks have confirmed a number of things for me:

  1. Rudy is boss.
  2. The creative forces behind Misfits are absolute geniuses and we should all bow down to them.
  3. Shaun The Probation Officer (played by Craig Parkinson) is too damn fine a snivelling piece of dung. The guy you love to hate; I hope he gets his own prequel spin-off where we discover the origins of his arseholery.
  4. I wonder how many times the show is going to get away with killing a character, only to (obviously) bring them back to life again.

Episodes three and four were hysterical, confidently cocky with their drama and, in places, more deadpan than most shows could ever get away with without just looking stupid. I wouldn’t be surprised if next week sees a breather in the storytelling but that’s all right after what has happened recently. That, and we all love a calm before an epicly action-packed storm.

Misfits airs at 10pm on Sundays over on E4. Alternatively you can watch on 4OD here.

2 thoughts on “Misfits 3×03 and 3×04 – TV Review

  1. Great double review. Though I have to point out this:

    “Not as annoying however as Iwan Rheon’s acting ability when it comes to assuring his gal that he’s doing everything for her, as it’s his destiny. He’s fantastic at everything else, yeah, but kind of laughable when it comes to the melodrama.”

    Iwan played that part how you took it. Laughable. It was Peter posing him and putting him in melodramatic posture. Even the camera angles were askew and cartoony to back up the comic book feel. All that back up with lame dialogue from his end. I think Iwan nailed the superhero posture, and how lame it can look when you see it in real life. All the real emotion and dialogue came from Antonia, and she really played it well.


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