Britain in a Day

Remember Life in a Day, the crowd-sourced documentary about what the world was up to on 24th July 2010? Well they’re doing it all over again but with a much less global outlook. This time the BBC are teaming up with Ridley Scott and director Morgan Matthews to create a documentary snapshot of the UK in a day. To get this together they need you to film your day this Saturday, 12th November 2011, and upload it to YouTube.

The resulting film, once edited down to something coherent and watchable, will be shown in cinemas and on BBC Two next year as part of the London 2012 Festival. This Saturday make sure you film something, no matter how mundane. Fingers crossed we’ll all be watching footage of me editing a small film blog on the big screen next year. For everyone’s sake drown out my potential footage with your own.

Here’s Ridley Scott and Morgan Matthews to explain more. Hi Ridley!

More info on the BBC Website.

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