Out Now – 28th October 2011

Ronald Emmerich is usually to be found directing an epic disaster movie where the majority of the world’s landmarks get destroyed. For a change of pace he is now tackling a period drama surrounding the theory that Shakespeare didn’t write all of his plays. At some point a spaceship will obliterate The Globe during a performance of Hamlet.

Demons Never Die
Eight London students form a suicide pact but their plan is ruined when a masked killer starts to murder them one by one before they get a chance to do it themselves. This presumably triggers a will to live in the gang when they should be grateful for someone doing their dirty work for them.

With rumours of a third film still swirling around going nowhere, the original classic is back in cinemas. You could do a lot worse this weekend than seeing this beauty on the big screen.

The Ides of March
One of the few films I wanted to see at the London Film Festival but couldn’t. Clooney continues his extremely varied career as director with a political drama starring man of the moment Ryan Gosling.

The Silence
German crime drama surrounding one week of an investigation as a young girl is found dead in circumstances mirroring a crime 23 years in the past.

An “urban retribution thriller film set in East London”. After her sister is killed Kayla joins a girl gang to seek revenge. The Urban dictionary has some colourful definitions of “sket”:

An American in Paris (limited release)
Gene Kelly in an all-singing, all-dancing love story. As the tagline for this 1951 film says, “What a joy! It’s M-G-M’s Technicolor musical!” Ooh, technicolor.

Miss Bala (limited release)
A young woman just wants to be a beauty queen but instead gets involved in organised crime in Mexico. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there.

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