Alois Nebel – LFF Review

Alois Nebel (Miroslav Krobot) works as a train dispatcher at a small Czech rail station when he starts to experience hallucinations of Central Europe’s dark past. His hallucinations getting worse Alois is put into a sanatorium along with a mute stranger who turned up at the station. From here Alois must put his life back together, now unemployed and homeless.

Alois Nebel, a rotoscoped black and white animation, is a stunning, slow burning, tense and moving film. I wasn’t always sure I knew what was going on but it was all so stylish I couldn’t care less, besides this was probably due to the early hour of the press screening rather than the fault of the film.

The only criticism I could give the film is that the wonderful slow burn can occasionally get so slow as to almost fizzle out. Beyond that though this is a work of art, one that I’m pretty sure left the woman next to me wiping away tears throughout.

This really was the best looking animation I’ve seen in a long while, have a look at the trailer and you’ll see.

Seriously well made animation with a dark and emotional story. What more do you want?

Alois Nebel screens at the London Film Festival on the 25th and 27th October.

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