Lotus Eaters – LFF Review

Lotus Eaters looks for a brief period in time at a group of privileged friends, not too hung up on plot, instead the focus more on atmosphere and characters. We see the group through the eyes of Alice (Antonia Campbell-Hughes) a former model and aspiring actress who is struggling with feelings for her heroin addicted ex-boyfriend Charlie (Johnny Flynn). Alice is more content on the fringes of the group, always slightly detached, and therefore all the more desirable to her male friends.

Shooting in black and white, leaning towards the lighter end of the scale, writer/director Alexandra McGuinness was trying to evoke the look of fashion photography and perfume commercials. Everything is made to look at its most beautiful, this is the opposite aesthetic to your typical gritty British drama and is a striking choice. This visual style certainly achieves the association with the fashion world but also lends the film an air of the synthetic: slightly unreal and otherworldly. This was reinforced by the world in which the characters exist; one of endless parties, high fashion and no real hard work. It is hard to find the emotion in such a bright, well turned out world.

The film is enjoyable for the most part, plenty of humour can be derived from the characters’ behaviour, and the acting and dialogue feels very natural and believable. However With the focus on characters rather than plot the film never truly satisfies and is more of a tasty snack than a hearty meal of a film.

Lotus Eaters is a stylish piece of cinema but is not an outfit I would try on again.

Notable Actor from an Advert: Amber Anderson from match.com ads. She is the girl who likes The Godfather Part III.

Lotus Eaters screens again at the London Film Festival this afternoon.

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