Dark Horse – LFF Review

Dark Horse is a very odd comedy about two thirty-somethings, Abe (Jordan Gelber) and Miranda (Selma Blair), who begin an awkward romance after Abe pursues Miranda to a stalkerish degree. Neither of the two lead characters are likeable, Abe is overconfident and pathetic while Miranda is cold and selfish, yet somehow they are a good source of comedy and the film was fun to watch.

An off-beat comedy in the extreme Dark Horse indulges itself more and more as the runtime rolls on. By the end credits the quirks have become too much and the film has lost the charm it showed in the beginning. A particular bug-bear were extended dream sequences in which a normally timid secretary (Donna Murphy) becomes a cougar in Abe’s mind and essentially spells out his thoughts and the plot to Abe and the audience. It’s a classic case of “show it, don’t say it”.

Don’t get me wrong, Dark Horse was very entertaining, but sadly it left no lasting impact and by ending on a bum note, is hard to recommend. For a comedy a little different to the norm you could do a lot worse, though this film is unlikely to grace the silver screen in the UK once this festival is over.

Final thought: What a waste of Christopher Walken.

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