The Jameson Apartment

On Wednesday night Jameson were kind enough to not only give us tickets to give away, but invited us along to the launch of the Jameson Apartment, a pop-up cinematic speakeasy running alongside the London Film Festival. The Apartment can be found at 39 Greek Street in London’s Soho and so long as you get there before it fills up all you need is the password “Sine Metu” and you’re in. More info can be found on their website including the full schedule of events. Alcohol based bribery aside there are some genuinely exciting events on the schedule; the film quizzes are particularly tempting, if only we didn’t have 40+ films to see in eight days.

Obviously we can’t review the various events but we can talk about some of the cocktails that are on offer, all Jameson based of course. In a bizarrely restrained move we only sampled the Irish Martini, a bit too sickly for my taste, and the Jameson Irish Mule, lovely and bitter. If you can’t make it to the Apartment then the recipe for the Irish Mule is below, it is pleasantly straight forward and doesn’t require any additional kit.

Make sure you use Jameson or all this plugging will have been in vain.

Jameson Irish Mule

High ball Glass/Cubed ice
– 35ml Jameson
– Ginger Beer
– Angostura Bitters

Lime wedge

– Fill a hiball glass with ice
– Add Jameson and a dash of angostura bitters.
– Top up with Ginger Beer
– Add a wedge of fresh lime

A sophisticated combination of citrus and spice.

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