Everything Must Go – Re-Review

In October 2010 I saw Everything Must Go at the London Film Festival and loved it. With it finally getting a release this Friday, a full year later, I thought it best to give you another nudge in the right direction.

In Everything Must Go Will Ferrell is Nick Halsey, an alcoholic fired from his job and kicked out by his wife. With everything he owns left on his front lawn he decides to live there rather than move on with his life. Various neighbours, and his sponsor, try to help but ultimately it is up to Nick to sort himself out.

With a slightly comedic premise and a lead known for his broad comedy oeuvre it is easy to misinterpret which genre we’re dealing with. This is something I got quite angry about last year as the audience kept laughing, even when what we were watching was a recovering alcoholic lose all control. There’s a well-told, dramatic story to be told here and so long as you can stop seeing Will Ferrell and start seeing Nick then it has a lot to offer.

Highly recommended with room for both laughs and tears, but if you laugh in the wrong place I’ll be there to reprimand you. Just give me a few hours to get there.

ETA: I realise I’ve spent most of my two reviews for this film moaning about the audience. To focus fully on the film; it’s great and you should see it.

Everything Must Go is released this Friday 14th October.

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