The Thing – Trailer Dissection

The new red-band (aka violent and/or sexy) trailer for The Thing, prequel to The Thing, is receiving a bit of criticism for giving too much away. Apparently people don’t want to find out exactly who dies (everyone) or see the monster before the film itself. Considering that in The Thing (the 1982 film) there are no survivors this may be a bit of an over-reaction. Have a look at the trailer and judge for yourself:

If you feel like you haven’t been spoiled enough then read on as we have a look at all the images of The Thing from the trailer. Fair warning, it isn’t pretty:

And they said this showed too much? Let’s get closer…

Perhaps that was a little too close.

Great, it has escaped. Let’s hope it doesn’t impale anyone…

Spoke too soon. The next guy has a face about to crack:

And now a classic bit of meaty trunk through the chest

That’s not the worst of it, look at his hand!

Something hulking and disgusting is creeping up on Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Not too sure what they’re peering into,

but it is pretty grim inside.

Oh lord, it’s horrible!

Not really sure we needed a close-up on that…

Even the pretty ladies aren’t safe

In conclusion everyone dies and the monster looks… like all sorts. Worth noting the CGI isn’t as bad as I feared. Now, a nice image to take away from all that horror:


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