Footloose – The Supercut Loose!

Oh dear, how to begin…

While re-watching 3rd Rock from the Sun I noticed the occasional nods to Footloose, either with John Lithgow parodying his own role or simply with a song from the film used in the show. This got me wondering how often Footloose has been referenced over the years since the film’s release in 1984. After a trip to IMDb and a plea for references on Twitter I had my list.

With the supercut craze at its peak I figured a video collecting as many Footloose references/homages would be a worthwhile use of my time. Here’s the result:

What really spurred this on is my love for Footloose and disdain for the remake coming out one month today. Surely any film still permeating throughout popular culture 27 years after it’s release should remain untouched. If anything, Footloose has become more popular over time, though sadly this makes it even more ripe for remaking than if it had faded away into cinematic history.

If this video does anything I hope it pushes you to watch Kevin Bacon dance his feet loose in the 1984 original Footloose. And if any London cinemas are reading, why not screen the film this October? If ever there was a time to celebrate the original Footloose it is when it can run alongside this:

Bonus Footloose reference facts:

  • The busiest year for Footloose nods was 2007 with 7 references spread over 6 TV series and 1 film.
  • Both John Lithgow and Kevin Bacon have appeared in two different TV series a piece which reference the film, both times Bacon played himself while Lithgow took on different roles.
  • David Spade and Seth MacFarlane are the only two non-Footloose actors to reference the film in more than one TV show. For Spade these were 8 years apart and MacFarlane referenced the film with three different characters across two shows.
  • Gilmore Girls holds the distinction of the most episodes with a Footloose reference with five in total. The show also held the Footloose torch love by itself from 2001 to 2003 and contained the most references per year in 2003.

Now for the full list of clips used:

Summer Rental
Roseanne: Husbands and Wives (#7.20)
Mad About You: Outbreak (#5.7)
3rd Rock from the Sun: Tricky Dick (#3.3)
Hard Rain
Friends: The One with the Fake Party (#4.16)
Dawson’s Creek: The Dance (#2.6)
Just Shoot Me!: Puppetmaster (#3.7)
3rd Rock from the Sun: Two-Faced Dick (#4.10)
Will & Grace: Big Brother Is Coming: Part 2 (#1.15)
3rd Rock from the Sun: Dick’s Big Giant Headache: Part 1 (#4.23)
Gilmore Girls: The Breakup: Part 2 (#1.17)
Will & Grace: Bacon and Eggs (#5.2)
Gilmore Girls: Dear Emily and Richard (#3.13)
Gilmore Girls: Swan Song (#3.14)
Gilmore Girls: Say Goodnight, Gracie (#3.20)
Still Standing: Still Partying (#1.22)
Frasier: Freudian Sleep (#11.14)
8 Simple Rules… : Opposites Attract: Part 3: Night of the Locust (#2.15)
American Dad!: Stan of Arabia: Part 1 (#2.5)
Will & Grace: A Little Christmas Queer (#8.9)
My Name Is Earl: Monkeys in Space (#1.14)
Gilmore Girls: I Get a Sidekick Out of You (#6.19)
Everybody Hates Chris: Everybody Hates Rejection (#2.1)
How I Met Your Mother: Ted Mosby, Architect (#2.4)
Totally Awesome
Family Guy: Stewie Loves Lois (#5.1)
30 Rock: Black Tie (#1.12)
Veronica Mars: There’s Got to Be a Morning After Pill (#3.12)
American Dad!: Four Little Words (#3.15)
Psych: And Down the Stretch Comes Murder (#2.5)
The Flight of the Conchords: The Third Conchord (#1.12)
Hot Rod
Wizards of Waverly Place: New Employee (#1.4)
Psych: Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing (#3.11)
Psych: Any Given Friday Night at 10PM, 9PM Central (#3.13)
The Simpsons: How the Test Was Won (#20.11)
Weeds: Van Nuys (#5.5)
Cougar Town: All Mixed Up (#2.1)
How I Met Your Mother: Hopeless (#6.21)

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