Yoda vs. Yoda

For George Lucas no film is ever finished. He probably won’t leave the Star Wars films alone until every actor is finally replaced by a CGI creation, and then he’ll do it all again with claymation. His latest victim comes in the Blu-ray release of The Phantom Menace as puppet Yoda has been replaced with his now-familiar CGI equivalent.

Watch below and directly compare the two different versions as they ramble on about the dark side (new Yoda on the left, old on the right):

How’s that for taking two clips found on Movieline and putting them next to each other, slightly out of sync?

16 thoughts on “Yoda vs. Yoda

  1. Don’t understand what’s wrong with things looking the way they did. Fair enough, Yoda does look a little less googly eyed. But it’s part of the charm of looking back at films and seeing them as they were.


  2. Totally agree with Jaina. I don’t understand why he can’t just leave things alone.

    And with the exception of Gollum, I generally prefer the puppets or people in make up/rubber masks. CGI characters can sometimes be little better than a cartoon.


  3. My thought is that the puppet looks like a puppet, and the CGI looks like CGI. Can’t decide which is better but it certainly is no more convincing.


  4. The CGI Yoda is sooooo theatrical, Too many expressions compressed in 10 seconds and that’s the problem with CGI characters, it seems like watching a play on broadway. The emotions are not real, they’re always exagerated The puppet is still more natural and subtle in his «acting»…

    What the hell was wrong with the old Yoda to spent money on that CGI crap?

    (Sorry for my bad english… It’s not my first language!)


  5. I don’t care what anybody says the puppet Yoda was pretty crappy, never liked it all that much. It didn’t look as good as the puppet from Empire, and as puppet characters go that was pretty good.

    At least now he looks a lot more consistent with the Yoda we see in AoTC and RoTS, and yes people so you can tell that one’s a puppet and one’s CGI, I think that’s a given. But consistency is more important, and a sense of continuettitytyty (damn, can’t spell that word).

    New Yoda me like, hmmm! :mrgreen::lol:


  6. the yoda on the right looks stoned.I always liked the yoda from the original trilogy and the empire strikes back.he was very human.


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  8. He’s not going to be happy until the thing ends up with the Dark Side winning.

    OTOH, by going back and constantly doing all these changed, maybe the Dark Side has *ALREADY* won.


  9. I still think it’d be pretty awesome if he replaced absolutely EVERYTHING in the original trilogy with CGI just to annoy everyone, and everything CGI in the new trilogy with Muppets. Come on – Muppet Jar Jar? How WOULDN’T that be an improvement?


  10. I don’t like that he made the change on principal…but at the same time I think the CGI version looks better. If he did that with Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi it would be criminal…but I never liked the look of the new puppet they made for Phantom Menace…I think the idea was to make him look younger but instead he just looked different, and I’m guessing they recognized that because the CG version looks much closer to the original in appearance if nothing else. If the guy’s 200+years old than being 20 years younger isn’t gonna make a huge difference.


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