The Dark Knight Rises – Teaser Dissection

Below refers to the early teaser trailer, for the dissection of the full trailer click here.

The very nature of a teaser trailer is that it doesn’t give you a whole lot to go on, and The Dark Knight takes this to a new level, containing the minimal amount of new footage imaginable. It’s almost as bad as early trailers for The Social Network.

To watch this video, you need the latest Flash-Player and active javascript in your browser.

Despite the lack of new footage bootleg versions of the trailer were posted as soon as it was leaked, and Collider even ran a description of the teaser as news. Madness.

Happy to join in with the craziness, we have a look at every single bit of new footage in the trailer below:

Gary Oldman lying in a bed (repeat as necessary)

A man(?) climbing out of a well! Why he doesn’t use that rope to the right is beyond me.

Out of focus shot shown for less than a second! But who is it?

Ah, Tom Hardy as Bane. I still have yet to find out who Bane is. His mask reminds me of Alien.

Bane, Batman and a man with a gun. Yawn.

That really is it. They’ve got a whole year, to this very day, to tease us with a few frames of all the other villains. Maybe if we’re lucky they’ll tease a bit of plot.

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