Your Week in Promo Materials

We’ve probably talked about this before but every time an exciting new trailer or poster is released we find ourselves in a state of panic deciding whether to bother posting it. The world of film blogging is saturated with every single poster and teaser trailer that rolls along and we don’t want to bury our valuable Harry Potter charts in a sea of weak posters.

As a result here is an incomplete run-down of recent trailers and posters. We’ve removed anything not worthy of comment. Anybody else underwhelmed by the latest Sherlock Holmes posters?

Big buzz builders so far this week were posters for The Thing and The Dark Knight Rises.

While pretty, the poster for The Dark Knight Rises reveals nothing and is as unexciting as anything related to Christopher Nolan can be, which still leaves plenty of room for excitement. The poster for The Thing is more my type of thing. It looks different to most horror films, no monochrome pictures of horrific images/small children/torture devices/all the above and gives a tantalising glimpse of the thing itself transforming from/into a human. Can’t wait for The Thing to let me down.

Final poster is for 50/50, the Seth Rogan comedy about cancer.

What makes 50/50 poster worth the bandwidth is that this particular Seth Rogan comedy also stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anna Kedrick and Anjelica Huston and that Judd Apatow is nowhere to be seen.

None of the frenzy inducing trailers have thrilled us this week, barring those with their own post of course. First up we have Tintin graduating from teaser trailer to full-blown actual trailer. The difference in length is palpable. Frankly it’s a bit too creepy looking for my taste.

Now for something completely horrific, and a film that could easily be a spoof film mention in Funny People, but sadly actually exists. Jack and Jill features Adam Sandler as a pair of twins. Enough said really. Watch the trailer below and be transported to a genre of film best left in the previous decade.

We end on a bit of a bum note with a completely underwhelming trailer for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. There are explosions, a bit of drag and new characters revealed. Sadly without a shot of Stephen Fry, I’m not buying.

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