Out Now – 1st July 2011

Larry Crowne
Tom Hanks stars, writes and directs this blatant rip-off of Community (not really, Universal lawyers!) as a middle-aged man returns to community college. Bryan Cranston co-stars (exciting) along with Julia Roberts (boring).

The Conspirator
The brilliant James McAvoy stars as a reluctant lawyer defending a woman accused of conspiring to kill Abraham Lincoln. You shouldn’t be surprised to hear this is a period film. Other exciting cast members include Justin Long, Evan Rachel Wood, Tom Wilkinson, Kevin Kline, Robin Wright, Alexis Bledel, Johnny Simmons, Jonathan Groff and “the guy with the stapler from Office Space“, Stephen Root. Oh, and it’s directed by Robert Redford. Someone take me, please?

Delhi Belly
Hindi comedy about three flatmates on the hit list of one of the world’s deadliest crime syndicates. For a while I thought this was a zombie film, Delhi Belly is the perfect title for a Bollywood zombie film. I’m copyrighting the idea as soon as I finish this.

A Separation (limited release)
In this Iranian drama a divorcing couple argue about moving their only child abroad. I can guess how the Daily Mail hopes this film ends.

Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo (limited release)
Sadly not a giant monster attacking Japan. Instead a documentary exploring Japan’s love for insects.

As If I Am Not There (limited release)
Harsh drama about a young woman in a Serbian War Camp during the Bosnian War. I won’t cheapen this reportedly brilliant and harrowing film by mentioning that the lead actress is the spitting image of Felicity Jones. Oh no, I won’t.

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