Out Now – 28th June 2011

We’re back to Blockbuster Wednesdays as this week’s big release comes out those vital two days early. It’s a summer tent-pole movie (whatever that means) so of course this is VERY EXCITING!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Bear with me a moment… A bunch of robots find out that a second type of robot is hiding on the moon and race to reach it before a third type of robots can. Meanwhile Shia LaBeouf and an underwear model run around getting in the way. Yes, the second film was terrible but LaBeouf and director Michael Bay have owned up to that so it’s all OK. “Sorry my last film was so terrible, I have made a similar film to make up for it.” Film4 has the last word; “a very long mess that’s embarrassingly devoid of gut level thrills.”

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